"Just thought I would let you know that we had our first day out in our rain suits and they were a great success!"

Principal, John Brotchie Nursery School, NSW.

"I bought a couple of rainsuits from you around December last year. I just wanted to say they have been absolutely fantastic, and the envy of all my friends, especially this wet winter! They have worn them very hard, and haven't torn them. I mean REALLY hard: repeatedly sliding on their bums down wet, muddy, stoney slopes; climbing prickly, twiggy old cypress trees & leaping into pine needles & twigs; climbing & burrowing into cut-down trees; playing at the edge of very muddy dams; riding bikes, playing in wet sandpits. They've worn them almost daily."

Ballarat, VIC

"Went for a walk in Centennial with our 4 kids Saturday (when it was pouring). They were COMPLETELY dry! And I had a fancy "..insert big name brand here.." jacket on & was wet to the bone. Love your stuff. Best on the market. Can't wait till I get mine!"


"The suits were a smash hit on holidays. They kept the kids dry and warm in the shadows of Cradle Mountain, and on a rainy day riding the chairlift at Cataract Gorge near Launceston. They are a cut above any others we have seen and much better than puddle suits."


"I’m writing this the moment I’ve come home from our first outing in our 1 year old's rain suit as we are so impressed! After receiving the suit last week we’ve been waiting for rain and today was perfect. We went on a walk in the pram and she could get out and play in puddles and mud whenever she wanted without needing to get changed (which would have been a battle and meant carrying lots of changes). I was confident that she would stay dry and therefore warm and also clean. The proof- her white pants underneath are as clean and dry as can be! We’ve come home and she’s free to play without needing a change. On the walk I was asked by four people where I got them."


"We are loving the Elka rainsuit (size 2). After searching and ringing around ALL the shops we couldn't find a single one piece waterproof suit for our 1 year old. We needed one as she was still crawling but liked to play outside on the wet lawn with her older sibling. The Elka rainsuit is perfect. It was too big the winter just past but she was able to wear it anyway thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps. We rolled the trousers to suit her height. She got the rainsuit really grubby each time she wore it but we found it easy to wash, and quick to dry because of its lightweight material. Next winter she'll be able to use the jacket too, and the suit will be the right fit, so it's been really good value for us already."

South Australia

The rainsuits are excellent sizing I think. Really good fit. Very practical, having the overalls and separate jacket, as apposed to an all in one suit.

Warrenwood, VIC

I took my 2 boys for a walk along the local creek recently in their Elka Rainsuits. They had their gumboots on too, and ran across the shallow creek many times, splashed about in the mud having a great time. When I got them home, their clothes were completely dry underneath. I just threw the suits in the washing machine and they were dry in no time.

Jan Juc, VIC

"It's great to finally find outdoor suits for my 2 girls, under 5 years. The colours are fantastic and the girls love wearing them. We've worn them in all weathers, from windy days at the beach to spring showers. Very versatile!"

Seaford, VIC

"Love the rainsuit. The sizing is generous enough to wear warm clothes underneath and we've had lots of wear out of it. I'm really impressed with the quality of the material, and so easy to wash in the machine. The stirrups under the feet are fabulous for stopping the bottoms from riding up and getting socks wet. Teamed with gumboots, it's the perfect rainy day outfit."

Yallambie, VIC