Splish Splash Rainwear


Welcome to Splish Splash Rainwear! 

Now available in Australasia are these waterproof, windproof, practical outdoor clothing for young children - those who love to get out and wet and dirty.

There are hundreds of raincoats available these days, but many are made of materials that aren't comfortable for kids to wear and don't include waterproof pants so the kids can't jump in puddles (Just try stopping them!).

These children's rainsuits are made from high quality Polyurethane/Polyester material and guaranteed waterproof and windproof.They are also soft, light, breathable, easy to move in and comfortable to wear. Ideal for trips to the snow, visits to the park on a windy day, playing in the garden, wet sandpits, bushwalks, helping to wash the car, and thousands more uses.



Bbrrrrr! Winter is Here! If you're not lucky enough to be heading to warmer climes, the kids will need plenty of appropriate layers of clothing to keep the cold wind and rain out. So much fun to be had outdoors in Winter. Rather than buying specialist snow gear you'll only use a few times, don't forget our 100% Waterproof and Windproof Rainwear is also ideal for visits to the snow, and you can use it year round. Layer up clothing underneath and watch the kids have a ball.