Splish Splash Rainwear

Elka Rainwear - Adults Jackets and Trousers

 Elka was founded in Karup, Denmark in 1958 and they have been leaders in providing Scandinavia with high quality outdoor and work clothing ever since. They are now available to order by Australasians with a 2-3 week turn-around.

The Elka adult range consists of the waterproof DryZone and Outdoor lines, and the fashionable Softshell jackets for men and women.

*Note: limited stock kept in Australia. See our Blog page for further styles. Please email us via the 'Contact Us' page and detail your preferred style, colour and size. Turn around time is approx 14-21 days from date of order. Invoice will be emailed via PayPal once stock arrives and delivered via regular post.



Bbrrrrr! Winter is Here! If you're not lucky enough to be heading to warmer climes, the kids will need plenty of appropriate layers of clothing to keep the cold wind and rain out. So much fun to be had outdoors in Winter. Rather than buying specialist snow gear you'll only use a few times, don't forget our 100% Waterproof and Windproof Rainwear is also ideal for visits to the snow, and you can use it year round. Layer up clothing underneath and watch the kids have a ball.